Planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

This is a proactive approach to maintaining electrical systems and equipment, with the goal of preventing breakdowns and ensuring that everything operates safely and efficiently.

In the field of electrics, PPM involves regular inspections, testing, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment, as well as the replacement of any parts or components that are showing signs of wear or are at risk of failure.


PPM typically involves the following steps:

Schedule regular inspections and testing 

Electrical systems and equipment should be inspected and tested at regular intervals to ensure that they are working correctly and identify any potential problems.

Identify and prioritise maintenance tasks 

Based on the results of the inspection and testing, maintenance tasks should be identified and prioritised based on their importance and urgency.


Carry out maintenance tasks   

The maintenance tasks identified in step 2 should be carried out promptly and efficiently, either by in-house maintenance staff or by external contractors.

Document maintenance activities 

All maintenance activities should be documented, including the tasks performed, the dates they were completed, and any parts or components that were replaced.

 With our help, by identifying and addressing potential problems early on, PPM can help avoid costly repairs and downtime and ensure that electrical systems and equipment operate safely and reliably.