Garage Electrics

If you need to extend your electrical system to a garage or other outbuilding, Signature Electrics are here to help. We can assist your garage and outbuilding electrical installation in a number of ways:

Planning and design

We will plan and design the electrical system for your garage or outbuilding based on your specific needs and requirements. We can also advise on the placement of electrical outlets, light fixtures, and switches, and help you choose the right wiring and circuit breaker size.


We can install the electrical wiring and components for your garage or outbuilding, ensuring that they meet all the necessary safety standards and regulations. This includes running cables, fitting electrical sockets and switches, and installing light fixtures and other electrical devices.

Testing and inspection

Once the installation is complete, we will perform thorough testing and inspection to ensure that the electrical system is safe and functioning correctly. This may include testing for earth continuity, insulation resistance, and polarity, as well as checking for any faults or potential hazards.

Maintenance and repairs

If you experience any issues with your garage or outbuilding's electrical system, an electrician can provide maintenance and repair services to ensure that everything is working correctly and safely. This may include replacing faulty components, repairing damaged wiring, or upgrading the system to meet changing needs.


Electrician in Romford and Havering

Electrician in Romford and Havering