Fault Finding

If you are concerned about your electrical system, we offer a full fault-finding service to detect any issues, and offer peace of mind too. We assist landlords and commercial property owners by providing the following services:


We use specialist equipment to diagnose any problem accurately. We will inspect the electrical installation and identify any potential issues that may be causing the fault, such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning appliances.


Once the problem has been identified, we can carry out the necessary repairs to rectify the issue. We will use their expertise and experience to ensure that the repair is carried out safely and effectively.


In some cases, an electrical fault may be due to outdated or inadequate electrical systems. We can advise on the most appropriate upgrades to improve safety and efficiency of the electrical system, such as upgrading a circuit breaker or wiring.

Testing and certification

After any repairs or upgrades have been carried out, we perform electrical testing to ensure that the installation is safe and compliant with current regulations. We will issue a Certificate to certify that the electrical installation meets the required safety standards.


We can also provide regular preventative maintenance services to ensure that the electrical installation remains in good working order and to prevent potential electrical faults from occurring in the future.


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