Emergency Lighting and security lighting

We perform a full service installing, repairing, and testing emergency lighting and security lighting on commercial and residential premises. We will help with emergency lighting installation in several ways, including:

Design and Planning

Our qualified electrician can help you design and plan an emergency lighting system that meets your specific needs and requirements. This includes identifying the most appropriate types of emergency lighting, such as escape route lighting or high-risk task area lighting, and determining the number of fixtures needed to provide adequate coverage.


The electrician can install the emergency lighting system, ensuring that it meets all relevant regulations and standards. This includes wiring the fixtures, connecting them to a power supply, and setting up the necessary controls and test switches.

Testing and Maintenance

Once the emergency lighting system is installed, the electrician can perform testing and maintenance to ensure that it is working correctly and meets all necessary safety requirements. This includes regular testing of the system, including the battery backup, as well as maintenance and repairs as needed.


Finally, the electrician can provide certification to show that the emergency lighting system meets all relevant regulations and standards, which is necessary for compliance and insurance purposes.